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KP is all set to initiate Imran Khan’s ‘chicken and egg’ plan

KP government will provide poultry training and chickens with food and vaccines under the Rs 500 million worth chicken and egg plan starting by July 2019.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s officials have decided to launch poultry distribution scheme in the province from July 2019.

KP government will distribute chickens and eggs among 100,000 families in 25 districts, under the project of Rs 500 million worth.

Under the scheme, every eligible family will be given ten hens and two cooks. The scheme will be initiated from 25 districts of KP. The people who will be provided hens and cooks will also be provided training about poultry farming and necessary food and medicines for the poultry.

The poultry project would be executed in the merged tribal districts simultaneously.

The officials told that government will be providing ten hens and two cocks per family with poultry food and vaccines. Government will also train people for the poultry scheme.

The KP government is going to initiate the scheme under the prime minister Imran Khan’s vision of empowering people with providing chickens.

The PTI government is on a mission of reviving the country’s economy through small businesses for common people.

“I’m proposing such a plan which doesn’t require billions of dollars.”

Imran Khan

This statement of the premier was ridiculed by the opposition politicians and his critics. However, he insisted that this scheme works well in developing countries. He said his vision is endorsed by US billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates.

On the occasion of marking his government’s first 100 days in office, Imran Khan has said rural women will be given chickens and eggs to start poultry businesses, which he said is a “great plan” to help eradicate poverty.

Khan’s statement was received with both applause and amusement in the audience, but social media users and opposition politicians later mocked him, poking fun at the prime minister’s “eggonomics”.

Responding to the opponents who were mocking him, Khan posted a Business Insider article published in 2016, titled “Bill Gates explains why chickens are the ultimate solution to poverty”.

The government is all set to implement Khan’s “chickens and eggs” business plan across the country, which has already been initiated in some areas.

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