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Training opportunity for Afghan & FATA Youth, on political skills & leadership

Last Date to Apply: 13/05/2016
Nine months long training on; “Understanding Pakistan Politics, Understanding Community Affairs & Political Leadership/Capacity building.

Pakistan International Human Rights Organization (PIHRO) and Aizan Development Foundation (ADF) have launched a new project for Youth — Youth Development Programme (YDP) with the support of The German Embassy in April 2016. The programme will prepare students/youth coming from FATA and Afghanistan with essential training on political skills for leadership roles in the future.

Trainees Selection:

  • FATA: 50 (25 males & 25 Females)
  • Afghanistan: 20 (10 males & 10 Females)

Main Training:

  • Understanding Pakistan Politics.
  • Understanding Community Affairs.
  • Political Leadership & Capacity building.


  • Candidate must be a graduate
  • Domicile from FATA (7 tribal agencies & Frontier Regions only) and Afghanistan
  • Age 30 or below
  • Must understand English language
  • Able to commit to 9 months training programme (1 session of 2 or 3 days, each month)

Final Selection:

  • Participants shall be selected through a comprehensive process of CV shortlisting and interview.
  • Participants from FATA shall be selected on a quota bases from 7 tribal agencies and 6 FR’s.
  • TA/DA/Stay etc. will be allowed as per rules of the organization.


LAST DATE TO APPLY: May 13, 2016
Please Note: Only CV and Cover Letter are required. Covering Letter should be a letter to express your interest as a social and political worker and tell hwo this training can be useful for you and why you should be selected. It’s just a simple statement about you and your interest in politics.

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Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

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