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Is Muslims’ religious spirit on decline?

Muslims throughout the world have taken Islamic injections about how to live life for granted.

It was a cold winter night in Lahore that I went to internet café to check my university result. When I started trying opening Google Browser, a thought struck my mind to check Google history and find out some good sites used by people. The first thing came across my eyes were indecent sites. I then further roll-down the page and found plenty of such sites opened by different people over the course of long time. Then I preceded the same search on other computers where, too, I found similar sits opened. With all these findings, I was gravely shocked to realize that ‘WE’ as a society are on the verge of moral decadence and zealously completely exhausted.

Muslim Civilization, though now only in essence, is bound to observe morality and ethics when dealing with others. Back into the time when Islam first appears on the surface of the planet earth, and when things were shattered all around the Arabia particularly and the world generally, Islam sewed the morally, ethically and religiously torn fabric. Islam guided them to forgo misdeeds and follow the way propagated by God and His Prophet (PBUH). People were also admonished by Prophet about the penalties giving to those who disobey God’s way.

Then Islam spread throughout the world to bring people out of the dark. The message of fraternity, brotherhood, compassion, morality, ethics, religiosity, and many more, were taken with itself. At the time when Islam first came into being, people found pleasure in imbibing their mates’ blood. Similarly, there was no tolerance for other’s point of view, and fear of God was very rear. All these lacks made society inflexible.

Generally speaking, in this time of post-modernity, Western society is heading towards unprecedented technological developments because of its right usage. Regretfully, on other side, Muslim countries generally, and Pakistan particularly, are misusing technologies. The case of misusing of Social Media is an example best suit here. In Pakistan, due to the prevailing culture of political partisanship constructive criticism is elusive. And instead of debating political manifestoes, disfiguring and caricatures of political persons are made, while this only leads to an atmosphere prohibited by Islam as Islam teaches tolerance and brotherhood among Muslims.

Similarly, the massage of brotherhood propounded by Islam is taken for granted by Muslims. Islam as its very name indicates is the religion of peace and harmony. It emphases brotherhood among Muslims but unfortunately Muslims throughout the world are imbibing each other’s blood. The verse from Surat al-Hujurat 49:10 stated that “The believers are but brothers, so make reconciliation between your brothers and fear Allah that you may receive mercy”. Bearing this verse in mind, the current status of Muslims is going against its essence. The example of Palestinian’s agonies is taken only for political expediencies. No real effort has been made by Muslims to address the issue so far. Hence the religious zeal in muslims is on decline.

Compassion too is lacking in muslims. It is surprising to note that the very first verse of the Holy Quran is about compassion, “I begin in the name of God, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.” This is a great pity that Muslims themselves except the sufis and their followers have forgotten the emphasis of the Holy Quran on the quality of compassion. The Sufis lay tremendous stress on compassion. Their very fundamental doctrine is what is called sulh-i-kul i.e. peace with all which means no violence and no aggressiveness. In another verse, so, do not be harsh with an orphan and do not chide the one who asks for your help and share with others and talk about the blessings of your Lord. (Al Quran 93:6-11). Regretfully, Muslims zeal for helping other each other is on decline.

To conclude, Muslims throughout the world have taken Islamic injections about how to live life for granted. Though they know that they will be punished on the Day of Judgment, still they are overlooking the guided way. All important segments of society should come together to show abhorrence to intolerance, immorality and adultery in order to make a God loving society.

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