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Is OIC becoming a moribund organization?

Recent OIC meeting went contrary to its objectives. The organization will die a natural death if it is operated the way it does.

Recently the fourteen OIC summit took place. Saudi Arabia’s king Muhammad Salman hosted it. The summit, though many thought would ease the sore relation between Iran and Saudi Arabia, shattered many hopes around the globe who envisaged a world where Muslims would live in ease with each other. As a matter of fact the summit has further compounded the already deteriorated relation between the two countries.

Saudi Arabia as being the host country left no stone unturned to level allegation against Iran. Generally, both countries are striving hard to inflict damages on each other. The recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s ships give Saudi a chance to raise voice against Iran. Iran, on the other hand, declined all the allegations and stated that the allegations put forward by Saudi Arabia will only benefit Israel. However, the rife between the two is intensifying with each passing day.

Moreover, the role played by the OIC leaders is also discouraging. They failed to convince either of the two to resolve their issue through dialogue instead of going into proxy war against each other. It is important to mention that the OIC’s principle role is to maintain peace and security among Muslim states. Regretfully, Muslims are committed to push each other’s legs.

Saudi Arabia used the OIC platform to pursue its own interests. In pursuing this target, Saudi tried to isolate Iran has proved to the world that unity among Muslims is lacking. Furthermore, Saudi’s attitude towards Iran and other muslim country has reflected America’s interests. It means that Saudi is caring about America more than any other muslim country. And this kind of attitude will cause the organization die a natural death.

US, the world’s biggest imperial power, is flexing its muscle to attack Iran. US has tighten the screws on Iran’s economy with crippling unilateral sanctions and deploy an aircraft carrier task force, B-52 bombers and an amphibious assault ship to Gulf. Moreover, additional fifteen hundred troops have to be deployed. Attacking Iran is not only means an attack on Iran, but it clearly indicates an attack on whole Muslim mumah. Muslim countries should pressures America to avert the eminent war between the two. America has been exaggerating the treat of Iran against Saudi Arabia to create an atmosphere to sell weapons to the latter one. All these are the factors that make the organization moribund.

Muslims despite having rich resources are lagging behind in technology, education and poverty elevation. Most of the Muslim countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan are poverty-stricken and there is no financial assistance from other muslim countries. Likewise, the backwardness in technological advancement has enabled non-muslims to rule muslims. Had the organization were reluctant to compromise on the objective of the organization, muslims would have a dominant role in the international arena.

The only way to get maximum benefits from the OIC organization is to show adherence to OIC’s fundamental objectives. This will let the members realize the essence of the organization. According to its charter, the OIC aims to preserve Islamic values, safeguard and defend the national sovereignty and independence of member states and to contribute to international peace and security. However, the recent meeting went contrary to the objectives of the organization. The organization will die a natural death if it is operated the way it does.

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