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TTP threatens police, journalists, polio workers ahead of PM visit to Wana

Suspected TTP militanats in Wana, S. Waziristan threatened police, polio workers, journalists and other official to stop activities otherwise face Jihad.

Peshawar — In a pamphlet the Umbrella militant organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) threatened the newly established police administration to leave South Waziristan Tribal District (SWTD)withing three days. They also warned prime minister Imran Khan not to visit Wana.

On Monday, a pamphlet distributed in Wana, capital city of SWTD, has been read by local and feared of TTP is coming back to the streets and markets again in the area.

The pamphlet came with several demands and threats targeting police, polio workers, sports officials and players, journalists and other government officials.

The prime minister Imran Khas has also been asked not to visit Wana, SWTD and called a ‘Yahoodi Agent’.

They have asked local tribal elders ‘Malakan’ to oppose the police system in Wana, SWTD.

The suspected TTP militants have also claimed that they has kidnapped SSP Tahir Dawar from Islamabad, after he was warned several times, the pamphlet said. Tahir Dawar went missing on October 26, 2018 in Islamabad and was found dead in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on November 13, 2018.

They threatened, they know the houses of those who are a part of the newly formed police setup and they will target them after the 3-day deadline. “Those all Wazir and Mehsud persons should not come out of their homes otherwise they will be responsible themselves for their lives,” the suspected TTP members warned through the pamphlet.

A few days back, a spring festival was organized by the local administration, which featured the traditional dance “attan” and local singers sung for the first time since 2004, in the militancy hit tribal district, South Waziristan.

The So-called TTP militants have referred that event and said it against Islam.

They have also threatened journalists and polio workers with serious circumstances, said, if they did not stop their activities. “We have a list of polio workers, we will show you what we have said,” the TTP suspects warned.

“We will do the Jihad against you and your families,” militants threatened journalists.

Local journalist Noor Ali Wazir told Tribal Post, that the journalist community is taking the threats seriously and will be communicating local security agencies for further actions for their security.

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, Mehsud tribesmen also announced boycott to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit scheduled on 24th April.

The Mehsud tribes demand prime minister to visit Mehsud areas instead of Wana, they believed as they have suffered more than the people of Wana.

On the other side, the local ex-Khasadar and Levis force personnel have also boycotted polio campaigns and vaccination in Wana and surrounding areas in protest against the police setup in SWTD.

No government official was available immediately to comment the new threats and pamphlet issued by local militants.

The story is under development, more updates will be shared as it comes.

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