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KP Sports Department picks 8 under 17 cricket players from Bajaur

Trails were held for 200 under 17 cricket players from across the Bajaur tribal district by the KP Sports department and local administration.

Khar — The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Sports Department held an Under-17 cricket trail session in Bajaur, on Sunday, and 8 among 200 young players have been selected.

The KP Sports Deparment with the help of Bajaur’s Sports office held the trails to empower young players in the tribal district under the 10-year merger plan.

Some 200 young players coming from across the Bajaur tribal district participated in the trails, and eight of them including Kashif Adil, Zahid Ahmad, Ihtisham, Irfanullah, Salman Shah, Farmanullah, Izatullah, and Muhammad Shahid got selected in the trails.

The participating players and other community members thanked the KP government and Bajaur’s administration for providing them the opportunity. They said, they are happy with such opportunities which would empower the tribal people. The also hoped that they will be provided with more opportunities in future.

The sports officials of Bajaur were on duty despite their weekly off day, and Sports officer Bajaur Fazal Akbar Khiljee and president Cricket Association Bajaur Muhammad Ismail were present personally during the trail session.

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