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Tribal people to offer any sacrifice for Pakistan: JI

Tribesmen held rallies in Kurram and Khyber tribal districts to express solidarity with Pakistan armed forces in the wake of ongoing tensions with India

Peshawar — People of the newly merged tribal districts Khyber and Kurram have express their solidarity with Pakistan’s armed forces in the shadow of ongoing tensions with India.

A Malagori tribe-led rally in Khyber tribal district was organised by Jamat-i-Islami (JI) and Trui-Bangash tribesmen’s rally in Kurram was led by Anjuman-e-Hussainia.

JI leader Sabz Ali led the Khyber’s rally marched from Lwara Mina Bazar to Ghakhi area where tribal elders addressed the rally. “Tribal people are always ready for any sacrifice for Pakistan,” JI leader said.

Recalling tribal people’s previous fighting in Kashmir against India soon after the 1947 partition, JI leaders said that tribal people will again defend motherland in the front-line with Pakistan army.

Tribesmen of Turi-Bangash expressed their solidarity and said they are always ready to fight for Pakistan alongside our armed forces if there is any aggression from Indian side.

Anjuman-e-Hussainia’s leaders addressed a rally in Parachinar and said that the United States was on mission in Afghanistan to support India’s role against Pakistan but U.S. failed to weaken Pakistan.

They said that tribal people have already made huge sacrifices for their motherland and they will never hesitate to offer more sacrifices to defeat the enemy.

This is not for the first time when Tribal people of the erstwhile Fata have strongly expressed their support to Pakistan’s armed forces. They always express, traditional, their solidarity and firm resolutions to fight alongside Pak army whenever some ‘dangerous situation’ is produced between India and Pakistan.

Tribesmen bring guns and other heavy weapon for a symbolic display to such rallies and draw nationwide attention and show their patriotism.

India continuously threatens Pakistan after the Pulwama deadly attack on February 14, 2019 which killed at least 44 India soldiers in the occupied Kashmir.

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