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DC orders Chattan’s private radio channel to leave PTV’s building in Bajaur

Chattan made serious corruption allegations against DC Bajaur and the DC responded back ordering Chattan’s radio to leave PTV building in the district.

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Bajaur Tribal District Muhammad Usman Mehsud has ordered a private radio channel “Shamal” to leave Pakistan Television (PTV) building.

Radio Shamal is owned by the former MNA Akhundzada Chattan who is senior vice president of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Radio Shamal is operating in Bajaur’s PTV office since August 2015 after its launch by Chattan. Tahsildar Khar Hajam Khan while talking to Tribal Post has confirmed that Radio Shamal has been asked to leave PTV’s bulding.

Earlier Radio Shamal’s owner Akhundzada Chattan talked to a press conference in Bajaur press club and made serious allegations of corruption against DC Usman and said: “DC uses his power to make money, he arrest people then bribe them.”

Chattan said that it was because of the bad performance of DC that polio cases surfaced the district. “Last polio case [before DC Usman’s appoint] was recorded 7 years back, but today Bajaur is the worst face of polio cases in the country,” he said.

“DC’s behavior towards Bajaur’s families of martyrs is very inhuman and unacceptable,” Chattan said but did not explain how.

The PPP’s leader warned highest authorities to remove the DC otherwise they will launch a ‘DC removal movement’. “We will issue whitepaper against the DC to expose him and his corruption after March if he was not transferred from Bajaur,” said Chattan.

Source told Tribal Post, DC responded back with the orders to Chattan’s radio to leave the government building.

It is not clear how and why Chattan’s private radio station was using government properties. However, the radio was established and had started operations PTV’s building in 2015 when Chattan in office as MNA.

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