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ECP proposes 16 new seats to KP Assembly from erstwhile Fata

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) proposed 16 new constituencies from the erstwhile Fata in KP Assembly. Final announcement will be made on March 4.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday proposed the addition of 16 new seats to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly from the erstwhile Fata.

The initial delimitation list proposed three seats each from Bajur and Khyber districts, two seats each from Kurrum, Mahmand, South Waziristan and North Waziristan districts, while one each from Orakzai and Frontier Region districts.

The ECP said, all objections over the proposed delimitation will be received from January 3 to February 1 and heard and reviewed from February 3 to March 1. The ECP will released a final notification on March 4.

According to the ECP list, the following new constituencies have been proposed.

  1. PK-100 Bajur-I, population: 351,555
  2. PK-101 Bajur-II, population: 348,386
  3. PK-102 Bajur-III, population: 393,743,
  4. PK-103 Mahmand-I, population: 243,426
  5. PK-104 Mahmand-II, population: 228,931
  6. PK-105 Khyber-I, population: 314,569
  7. PK-106 Khyber-II, population: 348,756
  8. PK-107 Khyber-III, population: 323,648
  9. PK-108 Kurrum-I, population: 339,247
  10. PK-109 Kurrum-II, population: 280,306
  11. PK-110 Orakzai, population: 254,356
  12. PK-111 North Waziristan-I, population: 271,057
  13. PK-112 North Waziristan-II, population: 272,197
  14. PK-113 North Waziristan-I, population: 321,077
  15. PK-114 North Waziristan-II, population: 352,988
  16. PK-115 Frontier Region, population 357,687

Last year in May, the National Assembly had passed a constitutional amendment bill bringing the erstwhile Fata to mainstream after 71 years since Pakistan came into being in 1947.

Tribal people will finally be able to cast their votes for the provicnial assembly seats this year. In a cabinet meeting on December 27, 2018

Prime Minister Imran Khan gave the approval for the provincial assembly elections to be held in the erstwhile Fata, in a cabinet meeting on December 27, 2018.

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