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No more dialogues with ‘powerless’ govt. Jirga: PTM

PTM has alleged govt. Jirga of being powerless and having no authority to make decisions and formally made promises were still not fulfilled.

Peshawar — Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) announced to finish any sort of talks with the government formed Jirga after the Sunday formal meeting between both the Jirga’s.

Members of the PTM and government Jirga met after a weeklong break in Peshawar and discussed the previous meetings and the outcomes. Sources told that it was a very formal meeting and they had nothing to move on.

The PTM nominated Jirga alleged that the government formed Jirga members have no authority to work on the proposals of the Jirga’s. They said, the government is not sincere to fulfil their promises and resolve the issues raised by the PTM.


The arrest of a PTM supporter and social media activist Hayatullah Mehsud, know as Hayat Preghal last week from his home in Dera Ismail Khan, has sparked the tension between PTM and government.

Previously it was decided and both committees were agreed on releasing of all the PTM were and withdrawal of cases against them, and the PTM had postponed its rally scheduled after Eid-ul-Fitr in Razmak valley of North Waziristan.

PTM’s Jirga member Fazal Khan advocate told that there were no satisfactory answers from the government side to fulfil the promises, which brought PTM Jirga the decision to end dialogues with the government.

He said, the dialogues will be suspended until the government nominated Jirga is authorized to make decisions.

Nevertheless, member of the government Jirga Khan Marjan announced the next meeting to be held on July 15, 2018.

The government has still not issued any notification formally to own its Jirga. PTM has demanded government again and again to issue a proper notification.

It’s worth to be mentioned, that the workers of PTM are still arrested across the country including the abduction of Hayat Preghal from Dera Ismail Khan. Dozens of the workers were arrested before Eid-ul-Fitr but were not released according to the proposal of PTM and government dialogues, however, most of them were released later.

Hayat Preghal is a social activist and die-hard supporter of the PTM who came back from United Arab Emirates last month where he was doing a job. He is currently under arrest of the security forces at an unknown place. PTM’s workers and other social activists trend #ReleaseHayatPreghal on social media.

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