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Youth, women led Signature drive for Fata-KP merger kicks off in Landi Kotal, Peshawar

A large number of members of the civil society, political workers, and journalists are participating in the drive initiated by Fata Youth Jirga across Pakistan.

Landi Kotal — Signature campaign to file a petition for merging of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was initiated here at Bacha Khan square, Main Landi Kotal bazaar on Tuesday.

The petition campaign led by youth and women is also underway in various press clubs across the country. A large number of members of the civil society, political workers, and journalists are participating in the drive which was initiated by the Fata Youth Jirga.


In Landi Kotal, speaking on the occasion executive member of FYJ from Khyber Agency, Adnan Shinwari said that the purpose of the activity was to create awareness among the tribesmen pertaining their rights and to make public opinion that merging in KP was the suitable choice in prevailed situation that could remove sense of deprivation of the tribal people.


Adnan Shinwari added that such kind of drive had been initiated in front of Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore press clubs and in all Tribal Agencies to sustain pressure on the government and to convoy massage to the authorities about what the tribesmen want.

“Usually movement is carried out for freedom but it is a unique campaign that has begun for merging of Fata with KP,” Shinwari argued.


A human chain in solidarity with the FATA Reforms cause will be formed by the Jirgah on January 5 and an all-party Jirga will be arranged on January 8.


FYJ, he maintained was purely non-political organization and had supported and representation of all political parties and non-government organizations with the aim to educate the tribal of benefits of Fata’s merger.

He conditional the country stability and peace with the unification of FATA with KP with addition of securing of all fundamental rights of the tribal people.


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