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World famous Peace Walker walks for Fata-KP merger

World famous peace walker Kharal Kasrat Rai believes that with merging FATA in KP would remove the sense of deprivation of the tribesmen and would get their all rights.

Landi Kotal — The International peace walker, Kharalzada Kasrat Rai conducted walk on Sunday from Bab-e-Khyber to Islamabad for abolishing of the Draconian Law, Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) from the tribal belt and for merging of FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

In this connection to pay respect to the walker, an inspiring gathering was held at Babe-e-Khyber, Teshil Jamrud that was attended besides Member National Assembly (MNA) Haji Shahji Gul Afridi, large numbers of political workers, tribal elites and members of the civil society.

Fata’s have now woken up and united to get their constitutional rights: Kasrat Rai

The International walker was received warmly and the tribesmen presented him bouquets and garlands. The attendant chanted full-throat slogans against FCR and in favor Fata-KP merger.

Speaking on the occasion peace walker Kharalzada Kasrat Rai said that since long he had been advocating for the rights of oppressed and the main aim of that walk was to awake the rulers to grant basic human rights to the tribesmen who were serving there in an unfavorable environment.

Fata-KP merger is the only option the government has left with; Kasrat Rai

He maintained that with merging FATA in KP would remove sense of deprivation of the tribesmen and would get their all rights.

The tribesmen appreciated the efforts of the Katrat Rai and thanked him for raising voice for the rights of the tribal people.

The walker started his walk from Jamrud and will cover the distance in five days and will reach Islamabad on October 29, 2017.

Kasrat Rai
Kasrat Rai walking for Fata-KP merger (Peshawar, facebook page)

Kharlzada Kasrat Rai is a Pakistani two-time holder of the World Record for Peace Walks.He has devoted his life for the cause of Peace, Education, Health and Cultural activities. He has achieved a widespread fame for the sake of his noble cause. He has conducted a number of walks with the flag of peace within and beyond the boundaries of Pakistan.

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