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A blogger writes on various topics, he/she wants. He/she has a professional "author profile" on the website. Check our blogs

Our reporters are mostly journalists sending their news stories from various areas across the country, particularly the erstwhile Fata and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

Social Media Manager is given access to manage our social media pages as an "admin". He/she can post, reply messages and comments and share different content on our social media pages. Check our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles and pages.

Our Citizen Journalists are among public, having free space to post and share anything he/she wants. Our objective is dissemination and information directly from the public, without having to rely on tradition new media.

Editor can edit and publish different posts (blogs, articles & other content) on the website. He/she can also manage our social media pages.

Writer is the one who writes opinion or knowledge based, academic, educational or news worthy articles. His/her content is mostly published as guest-post. He/she writes for us occasionally but not regularly.

Photographer send his/her photography which we share across multiple platforms we have. We give full credits to the photographers. Photographers can also promote their work through our websites and social media pages.

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