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Reforms were aimed to bring development to FATA; business tycoon senator Taj Muhammad Afridi

“We would strongly recommend to government to allocate funds for the mega projects in FATA to produce electricity which could overcome the power crisis in Pakistan.”

Khyber Agency – Business tycoon and Senator from NA-45 Khyber Agency Taj Muhammad Afridi says “FATA is full of natural resources and the government and his company too, have plans to explore these resources though he linked this development with peace in the region.”

In an interview with this scribe a well-established businessman senator Taj Muhammad Afridi said that the main objective of the reforms was to bring development to FATA region. He said that government was planning to allocate funds to explore the hidden valuable minerals in FATA region.

“Main objective of the reforms was to bring development to FATA.”

“My business company is also working to explore oil in the Frontier Region of Dera Ismail Khan (FR D.I. Khan) and South Waziristan and hope we will succeed in our mission,” Taj Muhammad Afridi stated adding that if we were succeeded in exploring these resources in FATA, it would cause a revolutionary development in FATA regions.

“The whole FATA regions were full of natural resources including oil and copper but to explore these natural resources, modern technology and a huge investment was required,” Afridi explained adding that development and prosperity in any locality was linked with the peace and he was confident that peace has now been restored in FATA and thus we will see development soon.

“Peace has been restored in FATA, we will see development soon.”

“A survey of government reveals that Manda Dam in Mohmand agency would produce 740 megawatt electricity,” Senator Taj said “Now a fresh survey of the aforesaid hydro power dam says that if this project was put into practice it could produce 900 MW power.”

“A debate of FATA parliamentarians will also be held to discuss the Manda dam project at the upcoming senate committee meeting,” Afridi detailed “we would strongly recommend to government machinery to allocate funds for this mega project in budget to produce electricity which could overcome the power crisis in Pakistan.”

“Government was not about to implement disputed reforms in FATA.”

Answering to a question he said that quick decision about the future of FATA would not be suitable. “Government was serious and taking more interest to bring development and reforms in FATA regions but the government was not about to implement disputed reforms there,” Mr. Afridi said.

“Soon a consensus between all the FATA representatives would build up and they all would jointly become agree with the government about the reforms and the future of FATA,” he said “quick decision will not be in favor of FATA people.”

Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi is brother of MNA Shahjee Gul Afridi and the owner of the Al-Haj group, business.

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