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Emerging Pashto artist Karan Khan’s interview with BBC Pashto

In his interviewed streamed live on facebook, Karan Khan said that he is working on making a collection of the biographies of 500 Pashtu heroes.

BBC Pashto invited famous Pashto singer and emerging artist Karan Khan and his fellow rubab artist Waqar Atal to London studios and streamed it live on Facebook.

Karan Khan is currently working on establishing a collection of biographies of famous Pashto artists. “I interview Pashto artists and featured them online with their written biographies and video profiles on my youtube channel. The purpose is to make available the biographies of our heroes as artists of other languages have. My target is to feature 500 heroes initially.”

Karan Khan appreciated young talent in Pashto singing and said that our singers should have proper knowledge of Pashto literature to deliver a good message to the audience.

Talking about his new poetry “Bachakhani Pa Kar da”, he said that he was inspired by the struggle of the great Pashtun leader Bacha Khan and finally he wrote and sung the poetry. “I watched a Hindi movie which was promoting the struggle of Gandhi, I thought to promote our own leaders.”

Karan Khan gave new heights to Pashto singing. “My general poetry is not liked that much but my Tapaeza — a new type of Pashto-tappa was widely liked.”

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