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How to improve scientific education?

Pakistani students can compete in every sector especially in scientific education but govt lacks the capacity to guide them in this matter.

Human resources are the back bone of any state therefore, If state utilise these resources in a positive and affirmative way, it will for sure move towards advancement.

Moreover, education sector produces positive human resources in the state and brings about prosperity and development in every field.

Pakistani students have the capabilities to compete in international level in every sector especially in scientific education but govt lacks the capacity to guide them in this matter.

In Pakistan scientific education is lagging behind since decades. Govt should encourage the scientific educational sector and should facilitate them with advanced equipment along with quality education.

There are few recommendation in this regard; Govt and private cooperation should enhance the improvement of scientific education in Pakistan by,

  1. Government should launch STEM programme in every district so that students can self explore
  2. Government should work on teachers methodology, teaching techniques and learning concept.
    These four activities of learning should be focused in each school at primary level:
    • Activity based learning
    • Inquiry based learning.
    • Project based learning.
    • Problem based learning.
  3. Government should build laboratories in every school for performing practicals.
  4. Government should facilitate each school with modern technologies so that student can learn from different sources .
  5. Government should encourage science teachers ensuring them that professionals can join this sector and also to increase their salaries.
  6. There must be reward system both for students and teachers for their innovations.

By such means, student learning progress will elevate such that they would be able to compete at international level for their self discoveries and self explorations.

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