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Women With No Voice

Federally Administered Tribal Area (Fata) is a piece of land which is a part of this country but it does not come under the ambit of common law system of this country.

Despite the fact that most of the population of this world consist of women but since time immemorial this creature of God has always been deprived in one form or another. Most of the global organizations working for women rights comes under the umbrella of Giant alliance of states called United Nations Organization, is standing not backwards with their attempt to deprive this creature because there is no single UN Secretary General from this gender since first day of alliance till now.

We can also witness that the recent superpower of this world, the so-called best advocate of democracy and women rights is so miser being with this gender that since the discovery of United States of America (USA) no one can find anyone from this abandoned gender as president of US.

In Muslim world, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The crown head of Muslim religion is also very keen to know different tactics about deprivation of women in daily life activities in the name of religion and the list goes on.

Everywhere in this world, women are fighting for their rights from different battlefields and winning or losing from a single individual to policies of states, this gender is facing different kind of hurdles and deprivations.

Though women proved to be the best in whatever field of life they have chosen but still the opposite gender does not consider it a good and competent contributor in the development of this world. Sometimes they have to face hurdles in the name of religion, culture and honor etc. Even in the radical states like Pakistan talking about the rights of this gender is taboo, and if this gender is facing such problem in these kind of democratic states then now no one can imagine the problems of women in a piece of land with inhumane laws, the land without rule of law.

Federally Administered Tribal Area (Fata) is a piece of land which is a part of this country but it does not come under the ambit of common law system of this country. Fundamental rights are something, which can only be heard in tales but can not be availed in Fata. Women in Fata is living a life of living dead, they are being treated like mules without any appreciation.

Their contribution in the development to this world is just growing population and nothing else. Majority of this gender in such piece of land is uneducated or undereducated. Their mental and physical problems are increasing day by day, and they have no one to represent them, they have no one to be their voice.

The reserve seat for women and minorities is for the purpose to maintain the equilibrium in the National Assembly and Senate and to give representation to those who would not be able to get elected on the general seats in NA or Senate due to various reasons, but unfortunately Fata is having 11 general seats in National assembly and 8 general seats in Senate but not a single reserve seat for women and minority in both the houses. Isn’t it bizarre that Punjab is having 35 reserve seat for women in National assembly, Sindh 14, KP 8, Baluchistan 3 and FATA zero?

The provinces with much higher literacy rate are having their reserve seat for women of those provinces in both the houses but unlucky Fata where women in politics or in social work are considered to be a rogue.

This tyranny is not just with the women of Fata but with future generation of Fata, who are going to be grown up by these women. There is no one who will speak for their rights and to work hard for betterment and reforms in their life.

So, State has to take effective steps in providing them a better chance in NA and Senate to represent their problems. Mainstreaming of Fata would take time due to technical problems, political hurdles and legal complications but mainstreaming of this gender for the development of humanity in the society is as important as a soul for a body.

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