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Peace in Fata needs education

For FATA’s education and to end militancy in the FATA region, The government should take concrete steps and work on war footing educational Emergency.

Despite Federal government’s claims and promises to implement educational emergency in Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), but still, students in those areas are facing obstacles in getting education and making their dreams come true.

In  Senate session on 27th of July 2016 representatives from North Waziristan, Senator Salih Shah moved a motion on “Fata education”. This explains that, since 2015, nearly 497 schools closed under rationalization policy of Federal Government

He urged to the federal government to withdraw the rationalization policy, as this policy will suffer FATA’s education, will endanger the future of the students in those schools. “Due to militancy and worse law and order situation in the area have pushed further back FATA education” he added.

A report issued From FATA student organization about FATA education briefed, “That 1500 educational institutions were demolished in current military operation against terrorism, hundreds of schools in conflict zones in Fata have partially or fully damaged”. The report further said that so far the government has not taken concrete steps for rehabilitation or reconstruction of for those damaged institutions.

Over 80 percent primary schools in FATA lack basic facilities like (furniture, clean drinking water, electricity, toilets and bathrooms etc), Due to being deficient in basic facilities the numbers of students in classroom have been reached to more than hundred the report added.

The situations of the school building are so poor that the teachers forced their students to get education under the barren blue sky.

A private research institution (Alef Elan) has also submitted a report (2015.16 which was published in February 2017) about the FATA education told that “sixty percent children of Fata are out of schools; in which seventy-five percent of those students are girls and forty percent are boys.

The Report also shows the competency of the FATA students added: “47% of the students in FATA cannot read a story in Urdu, 53% of those students who can not read a single sentence in English and 47% percent students cannot divide two digits”.

If we underline Fata education situation, the students are not among the only who are facing problems, but the teachers of Fata are also had so many problems.  From 7th  December  2015 to 16th  December 2015  roundabout twenty-two thousand (22000) teachers from seven (7) agencies of FATA and six FR have sit-in protest in front of Islamabad press club for their promotion and up-gradation, which was halted by the federal government since 2012.

After that, once again Fata teachers sit-in protest from 20th April 2016 to 13th of May 2016, in front of National press club Islamabad,

All teachers from FATA gathered for their rights and promotion and Federal government assured them to be promoted to the next level and they did but now they didn’t get their salary from the last several months.

If the Government really serious in reforms in FATA’s education and wants to an end to the militancy in the FATA region, The Government should take concrete steps and working on war footing educational Emergency.

Many scholars in the world termed “education is a weapon against militancy and terrorism. We can win war against this menace only when we equip tribal children with pen and books.

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