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Change is the name of ‘Survival’

Whoever wants to survives longer than their breaths must embrace the changes before embracing the last breath.

Herder, the pupil of Kant, understood the human nature as the almost replica of natural world. Which can be elaborated as, the setup of human mind is the reflection of the natural world; the natural world which evolves into a higher stage reflects in the humans’ nature. Likewise, he viewed the world as a stage, the stage where one has to perform. And to perform, one must bear the changes, and those who resist the changes will fail to exist further.

In this perspective, tellingly, the ‘Spartans’ can be found an obvious example. Historically speaking, when Spartan’s confronted by challenges like; the pressure of population, land hunger, inadequate army, and so on and forth, then the only solution they found was laying in embracing the changes. However, while consummating the desire of land hunger they lunched a war of conquest against their western neighbor, Messenia, they failed. Interestingly, Sparta’s knowledge about the fading away of those tribes who resisted the changes, strengthen their acceptance for the changes, therefore; however, Spartan’s not only revolutionized the whole system of governess but more perfectly brought about all the weaknesses into the limelight.

Moreover, the Athens, who too hardly won the survival, has the same story as that of the Spartan’s. Athens when confronted by problems of different kinds, then the only way out of killing that impediments were to embrace the changes. Therefore, they brought many changes in the whole system, and raised their selves to the prestigious position in the history.

Sir Syed played an important role in curving out Muslims lives

The Muslims, particularly in the British India, were confronted by such like challenges which narrowed their lives. On one hand, they were put on the verge of identity crises; on the other hand, were deprived of influential positions. Therefore, to compete with the problems of time they had introduced advancements in different aspects of their life. In that meanwhile, people who opposed the changes of their social, political, and academic fabric are faded away with regard to their importance. Sir Syed, for instance, played an important role in curving out Muslims lives. He not only spiral downed the intensified waves of conspires against Muslims, but also waded into traditional institution of education in order to make the way out for a better and respectable life. Moreover, his emphasis on the Western education was the only solution to get rid of the problems. If he couldn’t take such steps to overtake the problems then today the fate of Muslims in the sub-continent would be otherwise.

tribal elders in FATA never wish a change for the sake of tribal traditions

Similarly, the land of Waziristan, historically speaking, many times faced by many such impediments which made the land of Waziristan a barren land. Ridiculously, the Malaks — tribal elders, even before the inception of Pakistan, requested the political agents of time not  to direct the wind of change and modernization on our side, as it might change our traditional values and customs. This statement of the elders and Malaks become a cliché, which not only bottlenecked the process of prosperity but also ascended the people of Waziristan to a place of intolerance.

From the above arguments it is proved that whoever wants to survives longer than their breaths must embrace the changes before embracing the last breath. And those who oppose the changes become those who fad away even from the pages of history.

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